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When it comes to freight shipping services, cargo and freight Insurance is essential when shipping goods anywhere around the world. International, global and domestic laws create limitations to the liability that is placed on shipping companies and as a result cargo policies may have subtle liability and compensation limitations. These limits tend to be far below the value of the merchandise being transported in order to reduce transportation costs.

Freight Insurance Cover by Goodada
Protect your company from financial exposure from loss or damage to marine cargo by purchasing freight insurance cover. At Goodada, our international cargo shipping insurance calculator will provide you with the best quote and rates for freight protection insurance.
Freight insurance cover protects and covers the owner of the goods for the full value of their investment against all possible risks which may arise. Global freight insurance cost tends to be small compared to the reality and issues with regards to liability when something goes wrong. 
Cargo insurance is the only way to protect your goods. In the case of an accident or loss, without marine cargo insurance, owners can only recover a fraction of the value of their goods.
Cargo insurance covers all possible risks (whether the risks be loss or damage associated) for the full value of the goods- which tends to include shipping costs, duties and insurance costs.


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